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The Social Solution for the Construction Dilemma

Enhance your communications

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Field communications platform 

Store field labor work history

Centralize management of needed field actions and questions

Connect your front line people
Built Data Curation

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All features of Team plus:

Dedicated Built Data Operator

Dedicated Built Data Technicians

Connect the construction team

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Our Story

We grew up working in the field in construction. 

Built Data was built from the field first to capture the unstructured data and communications in one spot.

Every construction project is a brand new community of people and organizations coming together with a common goal.  


With Built Data, these communities truly connect to do what they do best, to turn designs into our built realities.

Built Data I/O is the communications platform that provides the social solution for the construction dilemma of miscommunication and the billions in waste it creates.

Enhance your team's communications and obtain high visibility into the constantly changing environment of your construction projects.


What people are saying...

"It's collaboration on steroids!

"...a very organic way to collect, store and organize lessons learned in a way that is nearly effortless to those on the front lines."




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We are seeking smart people with high-energy who are passionate about advancing the built environment for us all and bringing better support to the men & women skilled craft laborers turning designs into reality every day.

Please reach out with your resume via email to [email protected]

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