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The Social Solution for the Construction Dilemma

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Our Story

Our company was born out of a problem that has plagued the construction industry since humans built the pyramids.

The organic nature of a construction site is demanding and requires the combined effort of many people and organizations.

What is the industry's big problem?

There wasn't a common communication tool truly built for the way things happen on the front lines of construction.   

In the last 50 years, communications at construction job sites are still that old "telephone game" of hearsay and half-truths.  Industry productivity has declined even with the information superhighway of the Internet. 

The divide between field labor and office workers has never been greater.  They live very different work lives and that creates distance in understanding each other.

2020 brought us a major reset and upheaval of the pandemic.

The human race has visions of becoming an interplanetary species with Mars on our horizon.  Only a few years back that would sound so, you know, futuristic!  Not in 2020!  We now accept that as an eventuality.

Finding a way to communicate better unlocks tremendous waste and inefficiencies and empowers us to build a better future here on earth and, someday, beyond.
The harvest app is the social solution for the construction dilemma.


What people are saying...

"It's collaboration on steroids!

"...a very organic way to collect, store and organize lessons learned in a way that is nearly effortless to those on the front lines."




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